We now offer a bespoke framing service for all your framing needs!

Just like people, not everything we want to display fits in a standard sized frame, and sometimes you just want something a bit special for that item which holds that extra bit of importance. It could be your wedding certificate, a map, or even just a photograph that you want to have that extra bit of care for.

Our frames are made to order in house and are completely bespoke. We offer a choice of 4 finishes on the body of the frame, with a premium acrylic safety glass. It is our belief that the acrylic safety glass gives the best, cleanest finish, and it also has the added benefit of being lighter than traditional glass.

Oh, and it’s safer too!

When it comes to mounting your item, we can also offer flexibility in sizes and colours, so your frame is exactly what you want, meaning that your item can be displayed in all it’s glory.

Come in with what you want framing to have a chat. We can figure out how to make your item shine and give you a quote with no strings attached – we keep the strings strictly for hanging up our pictures!

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