We have a purpose built studio room on our first floor in order to ensure you get fantastic results first time every time. Holding only a single session at a time means that your session will be completely private and personal.

Some of us just don’t like having our photo taken, and feel a little silly posing for the camera. This is completely normal, so we make sure that you get a n=sneaky preview of your shots as we go along. With our expertise you’ll soon find that actually, posing for the cameras is a fun and enjoyable experience with a souvenir to take home.

After 15 minutes with our professional and relaxed team, you’ll feel like Cara Delavigne and David Gandy have nothing on you!

When it comes to choosing your images to take home, we’ll invite you to book in for a viewing in our custom viewing room, complete with couch and 50” screen to see your face in all it’s high resolution glory.



Will you edit any of my images?
When you come for your viewing, basic edits and colour corrections will have been done. When you chose your final images, we then complete the detail edits. This usually means removing any marks from the floor or backdrop.


When it comes to the subject (ie. you) this is on request. There is no additional charge, but ultimately it is not down to us to decide what is a flaw. Anything you want us to remove or alter, just ask! We have removed stains from clothing, grazes from noses, but you have control and we will give you a straight answer of whether it can be done!


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